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47 Country CEOs Announced

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Registration & Selection Process

47 Country CEOs Announced

10 Finalists & bootcamp

Global 'CEO for One Month' announced


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5 tips showing that getting global experience is the best thing you can do.

How can experience in another country be better than searching for job in your own without luck? Read this article to find out.

Globalisation is increasingly an important factor in the workplace. Changes in the job market, such as an increasing focus on telecommuting and freelancing mean that more people are taking the opportunity to amplify their experience by working in another country. Not only this, but lack of jobs in particular industries in candidate’s home countries also means that there has been an exodus of young workers heading abroad to start their careers.

  1. Experience in other countries is highly valued by employers.

While in the past, people often fear that going abroad would be looked down on, employers are increasingly interested in candidates who have international experience for a variety of different reasons. Working abroad often offers opportunities that perhaps you may not be able to access in your home country. For example, moving overseas might allow you to get a promotion that would otherwise be impossible in your home country. Or perhaps you might be able to branch out into a completely different area.

  1. In a globalised economy knowing another language can be a huge benefit.

While English is the most widely used language for business, knowing another language can give you a competitive edge over other candidates. Not only does learning a new language increase your memory and creativity but there a huge demand for languages such as Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish which provide access to many growing markets.

  1. You will be able to deal with (difficult) situations more easily.

Aside from learning another language, which in itself is a huge plus for your resume, people who have lived and worked in other countries are often better problem solvers who more easily understand different cultures and approaches to business. With many multinational companies in operation, demonstrating that you have a global outlook is extremely appealing to future employers.

  1. Living in another country broadens your horizons.

Not only do you gain experience in your field but also empathy, patience and of course, creativity. You can incorporate methods, and ways of working from your culture into a new one and this, of course, is an enriching experience. If you choose to return to your own country, you will take home everything you have learned.

  1. You will have lots of networking opportunities.

Building a network is important for getting better job opportunities in the future by providing you with professional connections who can contact you to inform you about vacancies. You never know when these contacts will become useful when you are applying for a new job.

As you can see, a period working abroad will make you stand out from the competition as it demonstrates to your future employer that you are confident and can adapt to new situations and experiences. Already feel like you want to start your international career? Start planning now!