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Home sweet home: 6 tips to keep up productivity when working remotely

Find out the best tips for working from home and not failing in the process. Goodbye social media, hello productivity!

With the arrival of new generations and the digitalization in the workplace, organizational and business structures are changing. As remote working and freelancing becomes more and more common, it brings with it advantages such as mobility, entrepreneurship and flexibility (and the comfort of working in pyjamas, of course!). Although working from home can sound great, without good time management and organization it can be more difficult than it seems. These are our tips so that jumping from the bed to the office in a second is a very productive reality.


Organization, scheduling and other tips to make working from home productive:


  1. Organize and schedule your tasks:

When working from home without a supervisor (apart from yourself), sometimes it’s difficult to respect schedules and priorities. Start the week by setting out all your tasks and split them up them over the days keeping in mind the number of hours you want to work a week. Some experts recommend doing one important task a day, so make sure you’re coming up with realistic to-do-lists to avoid frustrations. Lastly, time flies and concentration is not infinite (two truths that will not change no matter how hard you work from home) so don’t give yourself a hard time if one day you don’t manage to get through everything that you wanted to.


  1. Help yourself with software and notebooks to organize your work:

Use Google Drive or another type of cloud software so that you and your entire team can access the data, files and information essential for the execution of your tasks at any time and from anywhere. On top of this, keep a notebook and a pen on hand so you can jot down any possible doubts or needs that come up during the day without moving your concentration away from the computer screen. That way you avoid distractions (you know, if Facebook is here, YouTube over there…).


  1. Hide your phone, right now!

Unless you have a scheduled work call, avoid having your mobile phone close by or set it up to not receive notifications. Seriously, once you enter the chat loop with friends or cat memes…you’re lost.


  1. Be consistent with your friends, family and roommates:

Working from home does not mean you have time for everything. So no, you are not available to receive packages, the electrician or your mother’s visit. Working from home has to be as serious as working in an office. Convince yourself of this and you’ll convince those around you.


  1. Buy healthy food and join the gym:

For those days when deadlines are tight, have the stock up on healthy food. Sometimes, the anxiety derived from workload is inevitable so raiding the fridge can become the first impulse. To ensure your health, avoid buying chocolate and excess fat and substitute these foods for fruit, tea, rice toast, and things like that. Signing up to a gym is also a great idea to release bodily and mental tension and be able to embrace each new day with enthusiasm and energy.


  1. Decide when to stop:

Let’s be honest: the best thing about working from home is that we might have a bit more time for ourselves. But if our work routines are much longer than those of a job in an office, what’s the point? Set a time to finish work and, during the day, force yourself to take a break and go out for a walk. If you don’t, the routine might end up absorbing you and you don’t even get to see any sunlight, which isn’t good for you or for the quality of your work.


As you can see, working from home can be very positive. However, keeping up productivity means you have to practice discipline more than ever. These are some of the tips that will help you get there, although of course, each professional has their own way. What about you? Any suggestions that you want to share with us? Write your comment below, we’re sure they’ll be of great help to the rest of the readers!

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