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Application & Selection Process


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Which are the most important skills needed to improve job performance?

Discover some of the essential skills to be successful in today’s workforce. In other words: how to improve your job performance, the key to productivity at work.

If you’ve already had experience in the labor market, you will have noticed that, sometimes, you get your work done perfectly and on time. Other times, the deadlines seem to run you over and the work just isn’t your best quality. How is this possible? Maybe, there are certain aptitudes that you still need to internalize in order to increase and ensure your job performance. What skills are we talking about? Take note.

Interpersonal and tech abilities, flexibility and problem solving. Some of the necessary skills to improve job performance:

First, knowing how to relate to the different members of your team and to different clients and suppliers is key to increasing your job performance. In this sense, it’s important to develop communication skills that allow you to delegate tasks efficiently. Listening is also crucial, as paying attention to what others have to say about your work is synonymous with continuous learning. As you can imagine, these interpersonal skills are highly valued by most recruiters, so get down to work. 😉

As the labor market is constantly changing (in part, due to the digital transformation), it’s possible that sometimes you’ll have to do assignments that aren’t strictly your specialty, or accomplish tasks differently to what you’re used to. Therefore, flexibility is a must in order to embrace new work dynamics and methodologies. Keeping up and adapting your tech skills has become a basic necessity to be successful in today’s workplace, as many companies are incorporating new management software and apps to improve job performance and productivity.

And finally, if you really want to improve your job performance, you must cultivate your can-do spirit and be able to make decisions that produce positive results for the company. In order to do this, working daily on your proactivity is key. Proactivity at work will allow you to detect opportunities, but also possible errors and solve them in time, through sound decision making.

Being proactive and eager at work are aptitudes that every leader should start integrating as soon as possible. And that’s why the ‘CEO for One Month’ program of the Adecco Group comes back just in time, so you can acquire all the skills you’ll need before you fully immerse yourself in the labor market. The registration form is now open, so don’t hesitate and apply. You are just one click away from completely changing the course of your professional career. We wish you good luck in this first stage of ‘CEO for One Month’!

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